Dutch mortgage lender Tulp Group successfully places its second and third securitization

Press release | Gepubliceerd op 3 december 2020

Utrecht – The Netherlands, December 3, 2020 – In the last weeks of November, the Dutch lending platform Tulp Group successfully placed two securitizations. The Tulp platform sold its first portfolio of buy to let mortgages via Jubilee Place 2020-1. With Tulip Mortgage Funding 2020-1, a second portfolio of regular residential mortgages from Tulp Hypotheken was securitized.

In January of 2020, the Tulp Group introduced a new Buy-To-Let mortgage lender in the Dutch market under the brand De Nederlandse. This new lender focuses on the professional Buy-To-Let market and has built up a solid portfolio in the first nine months of 2020. International investors showed much interest in this portfolio, which resulted in the successful placement of Jubilee Place 2020-1.

With the Tulp Hypotheken brand, Tulp Group has been active in the Dutch owner-occupied mortgage market since May 2018. Tulp Group placed its first securitization in November 2019 in collaboration with TwentyFour Asset Management, NatWest Markets and HSBC. The second successful securitization has now been placed in November, Tulip Mortgage Funding 2020-1 in collaboration with TwentyFour Asset Management, HSBC and BNP Paribas.

Managing Director of Tulp Group Pierre de Vos: “By successfully placing our second and third securitization in a short period of time, we reaffirm that Tulp Group is a stable mortgage platform in the Netherlands. This is also reflected in increased investor interest in our mortgages.”.

Managing Director Paul Wessels: “With our fully digitalized process, we have set a new standard in the Dutch Buy to Let market on speed and quality. Our short timelines for underwriting a loan file really supports us in gaining market share rapidly. The quality of the portfolio is on a high level, even during this period with Covid-19”.

About Tulp Group

Tulp Group is the parent company of the lenders De Nederlandse and Tulp Hypotheken. Both organizations operate separately from each other, each with its own identity.

The lender De Nederlandse focuses on professional real estate investors. De Nederlandse is setting the new tone in the Dutch Buy-to-Let market with swift, digitalized processes in partnership with Link Asset Services in the Netherlands.

Tulp Hypotheken focuses on the Dutch owner-occupied mortgage market and consciously chooses to work with professional mortgage advisers. Handling and servicing take place at service providers and via Stater, with Tulp Hypotheken providing the final approvals within 24 hours.


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